BBQ Spices

Looking for the best spice to use in your rubs? The kind of spices used in the best bbq restaurants? Experimentation is the best way to develop a good and original rub but here are a few go to spices that you should consider,

Salt: It just makes everything better.

Pepper: A mainstay of rubs and it is present in just about all of them.

Brown Sugar: Use dark brown sugar as a main ingredient in your rub. The caramelization will also help lock in moisture.

Cayenne: Adds a nice kick that can be subtle or extreme.

Cumin: Adds a heat the builds with every bite.

Oregano: Not just for Italian food.

Chili Powder: A key ingredient in Texas rubs.

Mustard: A good coating to smear on your meat for the rub to stick to.

Honey: Another good base for rubs to stick to.

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