8 Tips For New BBQ’ers

BBQing is an art form and one that takes years to master. Over the course of many years, you learn a few things. Here are some of the things that every new BBQ user should know.

  • Always Brine Chicken
    Bringing is like your security blanket. It adds moisture to the meat making it much more difficult for you to overcook. An hour spent in a simple salt and water brine will do miracles for your finished results.
  • Don’t Over Season
    This is especially true when you are new to BBQ. It is very easy to put too much spice on your meat and overpower it. Take the time to learn how much spice that you need. In the meantime, let the smoke do the work.
  • Remove The Bark
    If you are using wood chunks or logs, remove the bark. The bark can often leave a bitter taste on food.
  • Add Moisture
    Keep a small container of water in your smoker. This will add some moisture to the air to keep it from over drying.
  • Choose Your Beef Cuts Wisely
    Learn to look for the right cuts of beef. Don’t just simply assume that all of the Choice beef is good, there will be a difference in the marbling. Look for an even distribution of fat throughout the meat. This will make for a nice and juicy final product.
  • Invest In Good Thermometers
    You will need two. You need a nice handheld instant read thermometer and a remote control probe thermometer for extended smokes. You can pick up both for under $50 if you shop around. Hint: Amazon.
  • Watch For Cross Contamination
    If you are using a rack smoker, you need to keep in mind what the meat will be dripping on. You will want chicken and poultry on the bottom rack so it can not contaminate the rest of the meat.
  • Always Rest Your Meat
    Depending on the cut, this could be a few minutes to a half an hour. Resting the meat will allow the juices to evenly distribute throughout the meat as well as allow the temperature to stabilize.

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