Dallas Loan Event Barbecue

I was recently asked to provide the barbecue for a company party in Dallas. The company is a well known loan service in the Dallas area, you may have heard o them, Lone Star Cash Services. They were having a small family style gathering and I was happy to provide the meal. Just so you know, Lone Star Cash Services provides cash payday loans in Dallas and surrounding areas. If you find yourself in need of a short term loan, look them up, they can help. Anyway, on to the food.

For starters, I have the basic sided that you would expect at a barbecue place. I like to do corn on the cob, grilled, not boiled. This is a super easy thing to make. Just remove all but a few of the leafs from the cob and then baste each cob with butter and then salt and pepper. Seal the cob back u with the leaves and throw it on the grill. In about 15 minutes, you have perfect corn with a little smoke taste and a few nice looking grill marks.

Next, you have the classic cowboy beans. Nothing fancy hear just basic ranch style beans. You do not want everything to be loaded with flavor. I consider the beans and my potato salad to be more of a pallet cleanser preparing you for the great flavor of the meat to come.

As I just mentioned, potato salad is my next side. I do things a little different than most folks. It is a mayo based potato salad but I also use red potatoes instead of Russett and add a few sliced, hard boiled eggs. I also like to serve it warm instead of cold. It brings out the subtle flavors more.

Now, for the main course, by the request of the host, we went with pulled pork. I do a full 20 hour smoke on pulled pork so it was started the afternoon before and then allowed to rest for 2 hours, properly wrapped to retain heat. I like to cook it at 225 degrees until the internal temperature is at 201. Many people are afraid to cook their pork that ling, but that is the only way to really get it fall off the bone tender. It takes that kind of internal temperature to liquify all of the fat that is inside a pork shoulder. When I am done, the center bone pulls out like it was in a stick of warm butter.

I use no finishing sauce on my pork. I know many do but I feel that the smoke flavor is enough and if you want a little more kick, you can just add some of my homemade barbecue sauce.

So, that is it. It was a great event for Lone Star Cash Services featuring pulled pork, grilled corn on the cob, cowboy beans and red potato salad. It was a hit as far as I can tell which means, very little leftovers. Pics are to come but I need to first get permission from the host, Lone Star Cash Services of Dallas.

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