New Year, New Charity

Looking for a new charity to support this year? I would like to make a suggestion of a worth charity that supports both people in need and BBQ. Do people need BBQ, not necessarily, but after a natural disaster, a nice warm meal sure can make things better and that is what this organization does.

Operation BBQ Relief provides hot meals after natural disasters and they are currently providing meals for those in need due to the Covid 19 crisis. As of today, they have served over 8 mllion meals and are well on their way to reaching the 9 million mark.

If you would like to donate, you can visit the their website (info on the bottom of the page) and join the ranks of people and corporations that are helping Operation BBQ Relieve carry on their work. Companies helping out like our favorite discount auto insurer Farmers Insurance and those giving to the needy like online loan matchmaker Fasst Cash. Help is always appreciated and needed more than ever these days.

Why I Love It

It is hard to beat a charity during this time that is not only keeping people working but also feeding the hungry. Combine that with the shared love for Barbecue and you have a winning charity in my eye.

How Did This Come About

Operation BBQ Relief was founded in 2011 after the Joplin, MO tornado. Although based in Kansas City, they now have equipment and volunteers all over the country. They have provided assistance for a decade now in 30 different states.

Their mission is to provide warm meals for those in need or who have been affected by a disaster.

Helping During Covid 19

During the Covid crisis, Operation BBQ Relief is helping in several ways.

For starters, they are helping restaurants stay open by paying them to make meals for those in needs. They provide some of the cash needed, supplies and food. This helps restaurants stay open and keep much of their staff earning a paycheck.

Second, you have the food itself which is much needed with so much of the country out of work.


If you would like to donate, please head over to the website and make a cash donation. Every dollar that you can spare helps.

You can also contribute by purchasing merchandise from their online store. T-shirts, hats, face masks, etc. Every purchase helps to go towards a good cause and spread the word about this charity.


Operation BBQ Relief
22720 Joe Holt Parkway
Peculiar, MO 64078